The africa Gala idea

Africans are known worldwide for their elaborate cultures, savoury cuisines and resonant music. The cultural history of Africans rotates around food and drink, music and dance, fashion, and language, be it in meetings, harvests, weddings, burials or other social contacts. Modern day African communities, even those living in the diaspora, still have the same practices. Africa Gala Vienna uses these aspects of the African Culture to connect the different diaspora communities and support Africa's socio-economic projects.


This enables the African Diaspora from different nationalities to meet, interact and create a tandem of cultures. The stage is set for the diaspora communities to connect through dialogue, music and food in an informal setting. 


The expected outcomes of this cocktail of African cultures are:

  • Enjoyment and fun promoting the African culture to Austria
  • Convene members of the diaspora community together
  • Forming new corporations and partnerships through networking
  • Contributing to popular culture and diversity through music, fashion, art and food.
  • Giving back to Africa by funding development projects from existing non-governmental organisations.

The African Diaspora uses the AGV platform to celebrate its culture while raising funds to support development projects for Africa. Please click on the menu and join us at our subsequent events.

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