Afro Diaspora Ball 2022

In the summer of 2017, a group of African Diaspora in Vienna sat at a Kenyan night event with the Kenyan Ambassador to Austria. They discussed the possibility of having a yearly event that would bring together the African diaspora in Austria, the Diplomatic African community, the Private Businesses and public officials of the Government of Austria.


This event will serve the purpose of creating a tandem of cultures, African and Austrian, as well as creating a forum that would foster investment opportunities between Africa and Austria. The Ambassador took the idea to his colleagues in the Africa group, and they pledged to support it. Thus, Africa Gala was born.


On the 9th of September 2017, the first Africa Gala Vienna (AGV) event was held with a big success. There was an attendance of close to 1000 persons, which included: the African Diaspora, Ambassadors, Business persons and representatives of the Austrian Government. The event was graced by live performances from Uganda, Kenya, and Congo musicians. The guests were served with African cuisine donated by some African Embassies.

Afro-Diaspora Ball Report 09.04.2022.pdf
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